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TOP 9 reasons for HEADACHES

Headache is a nagging problem
Headache is a nagging problem

There is nobody spared of a headache in their lifetime. Rising work pressure, strained relationships, performance pressures, and diseases are some of the many reasons for this problem. As per the American Journal of Medicine, US $ 1 billion is spent annually on imaging diagnosis like CT / MRI / X- Rays, for headaches.

Headaches are classified as Primary & Secondary headaches.

A primary headache means that there are no systemic problems leading to the headache. The bodily functions are fine but there might be some emotional/psychological issues that lead to this problem.

Secondary Headaches are due to some underlying physiological/pathological reasons. This needs a thorough investigation and at times needs urgent medical/ surgical interventions. In a report in the journal of headache and pain in U. K, approximately 86 million workdays are lost to migraine each year, and migraine costs 8.8 billion per year in lost productivity.

Here, we tried to list some of the main reasons irrespective of the primary & secondary nature of it.

Tension, Tension, Tension....

1. Stress / Tensional Headaches: rising pressures/stress lead to this type. The exact reason is still not understood clearly. The pain in the head feels like a tight band around the head and can be really nagging. Tight sensation around the head, and sides, and often stiffness in the neck and shoulder are some of the common signs & symptoms.

Migraine melancholy

2. Migraine: Migraine is a headache that is moderate to severe in nature, throbbing, or pounding pain, causes nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light, odour or sound (aura), etc. They can be usually one-sided as well.