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MERCURY RISING! - 9 Golden tips to beat the heat this Summer

Summer is approaching fast and so does the problems arising due to rising heat. In hot summer months when the temperature soars around 45+ degrees, it is really a concern. With global warming and reduction of green cover, it's really a point of concern for us city dwellers. When skyscrapers are elevated in the name of development, the cool shade of a tree is what is missed often. So, the body temperature creeps up gradually or suddenly due to a malfunction in the internal heat regulation mechanism of the brain, the body goes into a crisis leading to hyperthermia.

Usually, the normal human body temperature ranges between 35.5 degree Celcius to 37.5 degree Celcius (95.9 degree F to 99.5 degree F). Hyperthermia (hyper – high, thermia- temperature) is characterized by a rise of body temperature beyond 40 degree C or 104 degree F. In this condition a person needs immediate medical attention and help. The worst sufferers of this condition are children and people above the age of 65 years. People with diabetes, high blood pressure, heart ailments, and weak lung kidney and liver along with metabolic problems should take ample precautions as they are also at risk of dehydration during the peak summer months.

We need to understand and accept that we cannot fight with nature. We need to modulate our own lifestyle and diet to keep cool this summer. So, we will discuss the problems first that might hit us during the summer and then delve in solution of it. Needless to mention the below 3 conditions are often interchangeably used.

1. DEHYDRATION: Our bodies are composed of 70% of water and with rising temperature, water and salts are quickly depleted from the body. Dehydration causes a shift in the equilibrium of essential salts like sodium and potassium, thus leading to electrolytic imbalance. The symptoms include extreme thirst, muscle cramps, and spasms, nausea, dizziness, drying of mouth, fatigue, lightheaded feeling, etc.

2. HEAT EXHAUSTION: This condition is a precursor to HEAT STROKE, which is a life-threatening condition. Symptoms include rapid pulse, heavy sweating, cold or clammy flushed skin, pale appearance, thirst, loss of consciousness, disorientation, and signs of dehydration mentioned above.