Blessings Healthcare India - provides service with a smile to its patients.

About BHI

Blessings Healthcare India or rather BHI in short, is a dream venture to provide honest, sincere care services to our patients. It is the brainchild of Dr. Danny Devasy who is an Ayurvedic Physician with over 16 years of experience as a physician, counselor, marketing head of various ayurvedic hospitals in India.

Today, healthcare services are of paramount importance. The service sector is having so much demand for quality manpower.

Rendering quality healthcare services is a big challenge these days. BHI selects and sources out the candidates best suitable for the job. We have a number of quality checks that help to provide the best services seamlessly.

We are totally driven by our CORE VALUES that act as a guiding light to our company. We can sum our values as "GIST" of BHI.

1. GENUINENESS- To approach our customers, vendors, associates, and partners genuinely.

2. INNOVATION- To be up to date with all the latest technology and Innovation and use it in our systems and processes.

3. SINCERITY- To be sincere in our approach and delivery of services rendered.

4. TRANSPARENCY- To be honest, and transparent to our valuable customers, vendors, associates, and partners in all our transactions and dealings.

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