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Blessings Healthcare India.

Serving with Gratitude..

Blessings Healthcare India

Blessings Healthcare India or BRI for short is a dream come true company based in the Temple City of Madurai. With years of experience in the Healthcare Industry, the promoters have made this venture with a noble mission.

Our Mission Statement:


To serve humanity with gratitude and humility.

Our Vision Statement

  1. To be a global leader in the Healthcare sector by leveraging our strengths of the highest standards of professionalism and care.

  2. To provide educational counseling services to professional colleges to pave way for quality manpower to the healthcare industry.

  3. To provide compassionate, tender loving care to the needy at an affordable cost.

Our Core Services:

Blessings Healthcare India (BHI) provides these medically supervised services to the patient / Clients:


  • Ayurveda Consultation Services

  • Geriatric Care Services.

  • Assisted Living Services   / Homecare Services

  • Long term & Short Term Nursing Care Services.

  • Domestic Help Services.

  • Rehabilitation Care & Move-in Assistance.

  • Geriatric Counselling Services.

  • Medical Laboratory, Pharmacy, Medical devices assisted services.

  • Wellness & Therapeutic Services.


Better Care Starts with You!
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Dhananjay Patil

Dr. Danny Devasy provides answers that are very helpful.


Dr. Danny Devasy provides answers that are inspiring.


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Sukhpal Kaur

Really a nice doctor. The way he practice and talk to his patient is really great. Answered all the questions and listened carefully about what I had to say. it was a great experience. The way he explained my problems are really commendable. Will suggest everyone who is going through PCOS and Thyroid and other harmonal issues please contact him once. Recommended.

Dr. Danny Devasy provides answers that are inspiring.

Akhila G.

I found the answers provided by the Dr. Danny Devasy to be knowledgeable, very helpful, inspiring, caring and sensible.

Ashotosh K

I found the answers provided by the Dr. Danny Devasy to be very helpful, helped me improve my health, inspiring, well-reasoned and saved my life.

Sumona Sarkar

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